Frequent Questions.

Do I own my solar system?

Yes. We focus on ownership products only. This gives you a much better return compared to companies offering leases or PPAs. Additionally, you get the tax credits not the company. Ownership is one of the primary reasons customers switch to solar. Ownership is way better compared to "renting" your power from the utility company. You would never rent your car or your house, so why rent your power?

What if I move?

No problem. We have teams dedicated to make it a smooth transition. Additionally, with our short-term financing and the increased value you will receive with solar, you will make money from the sale of your home with solar. 99% of our customers sell the home with solar and make money because of the value-add. A Cal Berkeley study appraised 22,000 homes after solar was installed; the solar increased the value of the home by over $20,000* on average. This study was performed over 8 different states.

What is the maintenance?

None! Solar is super low maintenance. Once installed by our professional, certified install team, sit back and enjoy the savings. No cleaning. No snow removal. No electrical. Nothing. We have you covered with our 20 year service warranty in the event that you need anything done anyway.

How long does my system last?

35-40 years. Solar is not new. Solar was very popular in the 1980s. There are 100s of thousands of solar systems all over the world that have been operating for over 35-40 years. Solar makes sense. Pay if off in 7-10 years and enjoy free energy for decades.

Do I want to be off-grid?

No. If we are in your area, that means you have a great net metering program. Take advantage of it and save lots of $$$. A full off-grid scenario is really expensive. The best solution is net metering with a battery for emergencies. The rest of the time, use the grid as your "battery." This way you don't have to invest in a huge battery bank that will degrade quickly and require re-investment.

What is net metering?

Net metering is really what enables you to economically own your power without having to invest in a large battery bank. A new meter will be installed in place of your old electric meter. It will now have two line-items measuring consumption and credits. It nets out at the end of the month. The extra energy or kilowatt hours that you produced from your solar system will carry forward or "bank" for you to use in the future. Just like a battery would, but without the large investment up front. You normally just pay a nominal monthly "connection fee" to access net metering.

Does it include a warranty?

Yes. You get a 25 year manufacturer's warranty on all of your equipment and a 20 year workmanship/service warranty. So if you need anything, just call us and we will take care of you at no charge.

What if I need a new roof?

No problem. Eventually you will need a new roof after your solar is installed since panels last 35-40 years. When we do our site survey, we will determine the integrity and longevity of your roof. If it has 2 years or more of life, we will install solar and happily come out and take the system down, store it, and re-install it for current market rate. Or if you choose us to install your new roof, we will un-install, store, and re-install your system for FREE.

Do I still have power if the grid goes down?

No. Unless you have a battery. Your solar system will automatically shut down if net metered for safety purposes. In the event that the grid goes down, it is not safe for workers if you are feeding electricity into the grid that they are working on. We prepare our customers better than any other company. We are one of the few groups offering inverter systems that include a battery controller ($1000 upgrade) at no additional cost. You don't have to buy any additional equipment for a battery install. Just call us or anyone trained in battery installation and have your battery installed. Additionally, we are installing batteries every single day. Ask your energy consultant about pricing.

How long does it take to install?

The installation normally takes 1 day. The process is very involved leading up to the installation day including engineering, cad, permitting, custom design and procurement of your system, and coordinating with the local utility for net metering. Let us handle all of the work; all you have to do is decide you want to go solar and start saving.

What incentives or credits are available?

30% Federal Income Tax Credit (FITC) $1,600 Utah State Credit* *Other states may offer a different state incentive. This equates to nearly 40% off! Go solar today and max out the incentives. There has never been a better time to go solar. Pricing is at an all-time low and the incentives are at an all-time high.

How do I know if my system is producing power?

Your solar system comes equipped with monitoring hardware and software. You can monitor your system online or by using the app. We, also, monitory your system for you.